Why not start with the classics?

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of the stories that have stuck with me for the longest time is that of Elizabeth Davies, for a number of reasons.

The most prominent reason in my mind wasn’t the fact that her bigotry and racism was so lacking in guile that it seemed almost puerile.
It wasn’t the obvious ignorance of her actions.
It was that fact that she not only spouted racism but abused her primary school children.

I remember reading the article in the Grauniad early last year and one of the things that concerns me more than others is that she will be allowed to teach again in a year. Although the likelihood that a reputable school would be willing to employ a woman who would spray Bangladeshi children with air-freshener is minimal I must admit I’ve seen stranger things.

One of the points I intend to make in my blog is the almost universal examples of people in positions of power, mainly thought leaders in the academic community, teachers, lecturers and the ilk seem to take on extreme views founded in assumptions of righteousness and moral absolutism which pollute our growing members of society, especially the vulnerable.

More to come as I keep researching and updating.


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