Cyclical hatred

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

As terrible as bigotry can be when spread by people in a position of power in the education system, there is still nothing as terrible as hatred passed on by parents or one’s society.

I’ve seen this many times before in my own life, ultra-nationalism is alive and thriving in the UK and manifests itself in many ways, other forms of overt ethno/religious hatred are also rampant including this story from East London.

The idea that we as educators should ignore this kind of systematic indoctrination is appalling, if anything we should take the responsibility of discouraging these kinds of dysfunctional beliefs.

Sadly there has been pressure for educators to “not get involved” in cultivating values in children, sadly this is ignored mainly in the few but worrying cases where bigoted mindsets are marketed to children.

In many cases our hands are tied, we can at least take responsibility for passing good and functional values to our own children.


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