Scoop… and it’s ugly

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of my new readers went out of his way to expose a very strange example of racism and bigotry operating under the guise of humanitarianism… by a University Lecturer.

I’ve been reading through a number of statements made by this person, his full name (apparently) is Refaat Alareer, a lecturer in English and Creative Writing at the Islamic University of Gaza.

Refaat Alareer presents himself as a resident of Gaza, a humanitarian supporter for Palestinian rights and the Palestinian right for self-determination, all respectable and just causes.

His dehumanisation of non-Palestinians, particularily in the context of Israel, is a terrifying example of extremism.

The plight of the Palestinian people is a complex subject and people with this kind of worldview marginalise rather than empower them.
Reading through the links and images sent to me and reading further into this man’s account I saw a constant stream of black-and-white opinions, dehumanisation of non-Muslims, promotion of genocide, justification of murder and torture and use of hyperbole to promote his own mindset.

“israel could have arrested the two Palestinians it killed today. israel loves blood.”

“oh, you are a jew! piss off then. it is a waste of tie (sic) to talk to jews about the crimes of israel”

“because israel has to learn occupation brings it death and destruction.”

With this kind of attitude how can there ever be peace between Israelis and Palestinians?

How can a path to peace be tought when teachers preach this kind of mentality?


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