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So,  apparently a Swedish BDS activist, who dedicates his spare time to spamming facebook pages of artists trying to convince them to boycott Israel,  is lying about his identity.  As someone who makes a living out of Social media I find it personally insulting that people still work in these copy-paste-spam methods, but that’s not the point.

This is a message he left on Opeth’s Facebook wall, calling them to cancel their upcoming concert in Israel:

Is he israeli? Then why is he managing an all-Swedish facebook profile? And why is his blog in Swedish?

In my opinion, no matter what your ideas and opinions are, impersonating and lying can’t be the way.

Certainly not when you’re claiming to represent a group of people you don’t belong to and speak on their behalf.

Feel the same? Send him a message and let him know what you think of his ‘activism’, giving us all a bad name!

And why not Finnish (lol) with a song?

Why is there a saparate GMJ ORG for North America?

A friend linked me to a blog that writes about GMJ North America, and claims that they had to open a saparate organization- because some of the groups participating in the original GMJ are proscribed terrorist groups that are illegal in the United States:

“Revealingly, the following statement appears in the FAQ section of the websiteof the American chapter of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ-NA):

“Q: Why is there a separate GMJ-NA organization?

A: Because of the laws governing citizens of the U.S. and Canada, legal advisers in these countries have determined that it is better for them to operate separately and not to participate in the decision-making of the international movement, but rather as an autonomous coalition. This is because some of the groups in the international coalition are subject to legal reprisals in these countries, and there is some risk that any joint decision-making might place citizens of those countries in legal jeopardy.

In other words, the leaders of GMJ-NA are very much aware of the march’s links to proscribed terrorist groups, and yet its endorsers include a rather predictable list of organisations and US and other nationals, including a UN employee and a former British MP.

(Find source and full text here)

Is this dangerous? could you be facing a legal problem if you support or attend  GMJ? I don’t know which organizations these may be, but If you’re planning to participate you should inquire and check who, exactly, you’ll be supporting.

E-mail the GMJ- North America people and inquire about this, let me know if they come up with a reasonable answer! 

About a month ago, global media was overwhlmed with a  photo that soon became viral of an Israeli soldier stepping on the chest of a little girl. The photo was initially announced and distributed as a footage of an IDF soldier, harassing a palestinian girl on her way to school.

Like most of you, I shared it on my facebook profile instantly.

And then woke up to be informed that the photo was an utter fake, as can be seen in the original here. The “IDF” soldier is actually wearing a costume in what seems to be a street performance. I find that very hard to believe that all of these people would just stand there looking bored has this been an actual incident…

One question, and that’s a major one, remains unsolved:

Why THE HELL do GMJ organizers use this photo, proven to be fake for weeks now, on their video promoting the march? see it here

Seeing this made me uncomfortable about the whole event. How come they did’nt bother to remove the video and replace it?

Do what I did- Ask them.

Send an E- Mail to Zaher Birawi in London at and send him this post or just ask  that the photo will be removed.

More support for my theory

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The Huffington Post has an interesting article linking racism with low intelligence, definitely a view I support wholeheartedly.