GMJ using fake footage to promote the march – Why?

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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About a month ago, global media was overwhlmed with a  photo that soon became viral of an Israeli soldier stepping on the chest of a little girl. The photo was initially announced and distributed as a footage of an IDF soldier, harassing a palestinian girl on her way to school.

Like most of you, I shared it on my facebook profile instantly.

And then woke up to be informed that the photo was an utter fake, as can be seen in the original here. The “IDF” soldier is actually wearing a costume in what seems to be a street performance. I find that very hard to believe that all of these people would just stand there looking bored has this been an actual incident…

One question, and that’s a major one, remains unsolved:

Why THE HELL do GMJ organizers use this photo, proven to be fake for weeks now, on their video promoting the march? see it here

Seeing this made me uncomfortable about the whole event. How come they did’nt bother to remove the video and replace it?

Do what I did- Ask them.

Send an E- Mail to Zaher Birawi in London at and send him this post or just ask  that the photo will be removed.

  1. TAL says:

    lier! this is not a real photo..see this “solider” has gloves and this is not the officialy unfiform of the IDF!

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