Tali Shapiro – A Music Fan or a Hatred Fan?

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Tali Shapiro presents herself as a long-time music fan painfully calling for her favorite bands to boycott Israel- But is she?

BDS activist Tali Shapiro has a new target – the Red Hot Chilly Peppers band, which announced a much anticipated concert in Israel this summer. But Shapiro does not adress the subject honestly’ as an activist with a very clear and agressive agenda (legitimate as such), but first of all as a fan.

She writes about herself in a so called “personal letter” to the band:
“I’ve been a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan since I was 14 years old. The prospect of a live show in Israel has always been slim-to-non. I saved up some serious cash for their last slated show, way back when, needless to say I was heartbroken when they cancelled…”

Only then does she turn to unfolding  her own political agenda, while all the time repeating her personal connection:

“I’m a long time fan and it’s no lip service. I grew up on your songs, like American Ghost Dance and Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky, but I wouldn’t understand them until much later, when I would join the weekly demonstrations of Palestinian villages”

Why is it then she’s not even the fan band’s fan ON FACEBOOK untill it’s time to call for divestment? A quick browse through her profile shows that she almost only likes Bands and artists who announced a concert in Israel,soon after the announcement, in order to fill their public pages with calls for boycott. This is a partial list of the artists Shapiro connected to on facebook in the last 3 months – All of them shortly after an announcement of a show in Israel was made.

So, are you a Red Hot Chilly Peppers fan since childhood – that is, last month? just the way you’re a Cassandra Wilson, Cat Power, Madonna, Afrojack and James Blake (All announced Israel concerts in 2012- some cancelled)? I suggest you Message her personal profile and ask!

I’m not saying don’t be political – I am saying,  be honest and don’t lie about yourself in order to establish empathy or whatever!

From the facebook profile page of Shapiro, Marked in red are artists Shapiro liked, who “happened” to announce concerts in Israel just in the last couple of months- At least 37 out of 50 Artists are ones that announced concerts in Israel!

  1. There is an alert system in place that tells anti-israel activists to target bands playing in Israel. Read about it here: http://arablesbiansagainsthate.blogspot.com/2011/03/echo-and-bunnymen-under-attack-on.html

  2. gilad says:

    im an israeli citzen and a big fan of RHCP , unfurtantliy im joining the palestnian BDS call beacuse there is no caluture in aprthaid state. The RHCP need to undrstand that bds is the most ethical thing they can do. there is no conection to ricisem.

  3. Joe Sompolinsky says:

    if honest, the US would be boycotted, too. not one call for not buying American made cars! just look at our racist criminal justice system. no mention by them of other national states like germany that favors german immigration. life in the trenches is not always fair because caution saves lives.

  4. You’re a moron… do you really think people have time to collect likes on facebook?

    I like pizza, IN REAL LIFE.
    Never bothered to like it on facebook. Guess I’m a big phony.

  5. Yoni says:

    Or, please contact me (the e-mail I entered when I wrote this comment). Your blog is amazing and I’d like to talk about some sort of anti BDS collaboration.

  6. Jacob says:

    Regina Carter, Arch Enemy, of Montreal, Chad Smith, Renaud Garcia-Fons have also played in Israel/ are planning on playing in Israel soon. You should mark them as well.
    Gilad, BDS is counter-productive to peace. All it does is disappoint the band’s Israeli fans, who are mostly apolitical and have no connection to the conflict and Israel’s policies. If anything, we should encourage more culture in Israel as it brings positive energy and hope, something peace is built upon.

  7. Wesley Crusher says:

    Why does Nelson Mandela hate white people so much?

  8. […] Cancel Israel page this week 17 April) and is aimed at Israeli activist Tali Shapiro. In a blog about Shapiro’s open and public letter to the RHCP asking them not to play apartheid Israel, […]

  9. Jack Smith says:

    Call me racist if you will, I do not except the destruction of one people by its neighbor, be it Israel or the United States. My the criminal heal herself.

  10. אנרכופאנק במיל' says:

    actualy you are an idiot

  11. gili says:

    HI LOOK AROND AND TEL MI {This is ‘ Arab Soldiers ? /////////////


  12. @Yaniv, Jacob, Yoni, Gili
    I’d be happy to collaborate, there’s more hypocrisy in this BDS business than one person can handle and expose. Leave your e-mails here so i can contact you…
    @Gilad I’m not buying the ‘apartheid’ argument. BUT, this is still a political opinion as long as you express it honestly and openly- otherwise it becomes a lie.

  13. gili says:

    DID you know ?in the official site OF ‘RHCP ” > the bend yount ” to perform in ?beirut in TH 6 2012 IN SEPTEMBR

    wate A wonderfall >>>>>>>>>>>> Sheim on Tali



  14. Nate says:

    I don’t wanna publicly share my e-mail account. Please create an e-mail account for this blog and publish it.

  15. gili says:

    Tali Shapiro -Fucking Sexy >way BDS ‘ ?this is not help the Familys in gaGe or oters

    way torn on this

  16. shaylee says:


    • gili says:


      ?GOINg NOW in THiS WORLD ,


  17. […] against BDS, by focusing on exposing the hypocrisy and the lies of the anti-Israel movement. Their latest expose involves one Tali Shapiro, a self-described activist and writer, who supports “Anarchists […]

  18. […] only infamous Tali Shapiro applied her usual methods of lies and harassment of which I’ve written in the past. Frustrated with Newcomb’s attitude and refusal to give in, Shapiro posted on her blog on […]

  19. rainbowsnsunshine says:

    This woman is obviously a very sad case,with a lot of mental problems.She needs a shrink to set her straight……..

  20. Emma says:

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    visiting this site dailly and take fastidious data from here every day.

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