The childish black & white world of Ben White

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Israel = Baaaaaaaaaaaad, Palestine = Goooooooooood.

“Ben White is a freelance journalist, writer, and human rights activist, specialising in Palestine/Israel.” At least, that’s how The Guardian and the Electronic Intifada describe him in his profile at its site.

I think that even Ben White would reverse this description, placing activism before journalism. He is eloquent and passionate but above all, he is 100% biased to the “Palestinian” cause.

As such, most of Ben White’s views are expressed in black and white: Israel = Bad, Palestine = Good.  Israel, or any movement/act that is “pro-Israeli” is portrayed through words such as “apartheid”, “colonialist”, “ethnic cleansing” etc…

Palestine, or any movement/act that is “pro-Palestinian” is portrayed through words such as “innocent”, “freedom”, “solidarity”, “victim” etc…

The following headers of two articles published in The Guardian exemplify this black and white world view.

Is the Palestinian cause as innocent as the children in these pictures? Definitely not.

But White and his editors know that images of children help sell this black and white world view and they have no qualms about using them to attract readers beyond White’s regular choir.

When Vidal Sassoon, the famed hair dresser who happened to also have served in the Israeli army,  passed away, White hurried to post this tweet:

In White’s black and white world, anyone who was in the Israeli army, which includes all Jewish Israelis who must serve in the army, is an ethnic cleanser regardless of his or her views on the conflict.

White childishly would have us believe that all Israelis are blood thirsty Zionist while his counterparts would want us to believe that all Palestinians are blood thirsty terrorists. I write “childishly” because children tend to lean towards black and white views as well until they develop empathy for others and life and experience give them the ability to discern shades of grey.

Obviously, this conflict is a little more complicated than White would have us believe and the shades of grey are as numerous as the amount of people holding specific views concerning the conflict. The truth is neither here nor there. It is everywhere. It is in the multitudes of shades of grey.

It is the lack of empathy on both sides, that keeps this conflict alive. White should grow up a little and understand that it is his lack of empathy, just like his apartheid/colonialist/racist counterparts’ that is fueling this conflict.

Perhaps if he and his equally childish counterparts did grow up and accept the shades of grey that envelop this conflict, the children of the land of Palestine AND Israel will have a chance to grow up as well.

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