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In a nutshell, this is another BDS so called victory that turns out to be a complete hoax.  It makes sense. The BDS campaign is not really about money- I don’t think any BDSer is as optimistic as to believe they can shatter israel’s economy.
BDS is about having the fattest, thickest letters in headlines  – The actual story does’nt really matter.
So what do we have here this week?
Last Friday I came across an allegedly epic BDS victory post saying:
BDS WIN: TIAA-CREF Removes Caterpillar from Social Choice Funds!
I got in and read that the anti-Israel campaign had convinced the major pension fund TIAA-CREF to drop Caterpillar (CAT) from its “Social Choice Portfolio” because of it’s business with Israel.
Ofcourse I did some more research…  and of course, and this is a complete fabrication, a bunch of cut-and-pasted half facts.
Here is the Victory announcement:
 And some tweets:
Here is a little explanation on what’s really happend:
Awesome’ isn’t it? calling for Boycott of a company that doesn’t sell to Israel (when Israel’s your target…) and calling it a success when some one does?
Oh, and they forgot this: Caterpillar had recently made business with Palestinian Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd.! But hey, who cares?  if what gets you headlines- Not actual facts, and not even positive ones.

I’ve written in the past of the method of so called objective, yet dramatic and even grotesque, tweets  reporting from Gaza and the west bank about killed citizens, almost always children, which soon turn out to be entirely made up, make use of old and even fake footage etc.

But apparently the BDSers don’t mind making fools out of themselves for the 1000th time. So here’s a new evolution of a piece of news for you, fresh from this week. Other sources who publishedthis first include Honest Reporting and Elder of Zion.
1.The media reports brief incident in the south of Israel- A military action of IDF vs. the shooting of missiles at israeli settlements and cities through the southern border

2. Palestinian sources report casualties on their side, among them a 2 year old girl. Was anyone going to check the integrity of this report? No, not really.

3. This is the cue for a festival of heart breaking tweets from the regular BDS bunch, some of which are people who don’t live in Gaza or Israel, never been there (and not planning to – There’s non-stop bombing OMG!), who’s only feed for news is world and local media. The tweets not only replicate the “news”‘ but also call for immediate boycott of Israel. So far nothing new.

4. After further check, it is announced that surprisingly enough- the little girl was actually killed by a missile shot unsuccessfully by Palestinian terrorists at the israeli side. OOPS!

The BBC posted a correction:

So when are the BDS bunch gonna stop making (extremely sad) jokes of themselves? Possibly,  never.

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So,  apparently the BDS folks are running out of resources, and are now promoting fund raising around a story that legitimizes violence and breaking the law.
Two days ago, while wandering around facebook,I bumped into a story shared by a woman named Roni Barkan, who wrote about the history of Palestinian activist Mouhammad Ameerah (known from the riots of Ni’ilin in 2008 and later violent events in the area), who was framed by another youth, mentally handicapped, a testimony that got Ameerah arrested in 2009. The post was published under the title “Support Mouhammed Ameerah” and unfolded the above story in a rather dramatic way.
To cut a long story short, Ameerah was arrested again this week’ but this time it was a just plain, non political crime- Setting to work in Israel without a work permit. The post calls to support him by donating money to cover a 4,000 shekel fine he has to pay in replacement of 4 more months in prison.
Even assuming the story is full and true- Which I can’t, as I found absolutely no coverage of it in neither Israeli nor international press- I still find it disturbing.  I tried to contact both the post original creator and those who reposted it for more information, but non replied to my inquiry for confirmed details -As far as we know this could be a scheme purposed to extract money from people with less understanding of the situation.
But, that’s not even my point. It seems that the activists supporting Ameerah don’t exactly see formal law as an instrument worthy of respect. The fact that Ameerah was caught working ilegally without a work permit has absolutely nothing to do with his background as an activist (a riot leader,  in fact) – It has to do with him being a criminal by state law. Describing the fact he was a caught by the Police in Tel Aviv as a mere “misfortune” reflects an attitude: Breaking the law is only bad if you get caught. And I’m afraid that a motto for BDSers.