Activists or Lobbyists – A response to Gilad Atzmon

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m doing this blog most of all to create debate and awareness.
I get all sorts of comments, some extremely hateful and some are supportive. But the best comment I could get for a post Is having the person I wrote about publishing a post himself, confirming that he fully Denounces the BDS movement.

Gilad Atzmon published a post on his website, as a reaction to my latest post, saying:
” The Zionist behind the site probably doesn’t realise that Finkelstein and myself are both subject to BDS’ harassment and I am subject to a call for disavowal by the three lesser earners on the list ”

Mr. Atzmon and Mr. Finkelstein, I am not surprised (and not really sad) to hear that other BDS activistss are giving you a hard time – I’m afraid their methods of bullying are not limited to the people fully opposing them anymore, but rather to anyone not fully agreeing with them.

Activism in no way should be about dominating fear and blinded belief.

And oh, just a blogger to blogger Tip for the road – saying your activism acts are “all free of charge” and then promoting your very profiting book in the next sentence, is just.. well.. making fun of people.

  1. How about a hint about what BDS meas at the top of your page. I’m familiar with Bush Derangement Syndrome but this does not seem to be it.

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