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BDS leaders and activists tend to make a lot of noise around what they consider “successful” campaigns, i.e. affirmation of specific calls for boycott. One of their main targets are Israeli products, and more specifically items produced in the Palestinian/ occupied territories.
A recent example is the plan to change the labeling of these products in South Africa, A prospect that sent the BDSers to celebrate with joy – Online and offline.
What they probably don’t take into account is the fact that these factories they call to boycott and shut down, pay salaries to thousands (around 15,000) of Palestinian workers, receive social benefits and the same paychecks as the Israeli workers.
I simply cannot understand this call for boycott. Are thousands of families and individuals becoming unemployed a good thing? Will the fact that they will lose their source of income a reason to celebrate? Is the unholy principle of boycott more important than actual people, with actual lives (Not internet “personas”) being fired?
Take for example the Lipski Plastic Industries factory, located in the Barkan Industrial Zone. There are 80 workers in this factory, 40 out of which are Palestinian. But apparently these concerned workers are simply not part of the BDSers’ plan. No-one cares about them losing their jobs.
The away I see it, these factories are small colonies of co-existence, places where Jews and Arabs work together. I don’t see the sense in boycotting (And hoping to shut down) these places.
Has anyone heard of a campaign calling to buy Palestinian produce’ rather than boycotting? Of course not, because BDSers believe that hate and destruction are more effective than cooperation and debate
The more I look into this issue’ the more I feel that the BDS activists have, in fact, no real desire of peace and that will do anything in their power to avoid it – As long as their self-righteous facade is kept in tact.

There are probably many different reasons for the Guardian’s seemingly odd decision to hire member of Act for Israel Joshua Treviño to their US commentary team.
I don’t presume to fully understand the British paper’s decision, what really makes me sneak a smile is Ali Abunimah’s disproportionate response to this decision, which included an article published on Al-Jazeera and FOUR different posts published on his own website- Electronic Intifada.

A question to Abunimah has to be asked though; How come he didn’t resent the Guardian hiring his good pal and fellow BDSer – Ben White?
Abunimah keeps sticking to the claim that Treviño has endorsed the IDF to kill American soldiers over his Twitter account more than a year ago, and that’s what makes him unfit to write for th Guardian.
Let’s assume for a second that it is a genuine call for action and not a merely rhetoric remark. Anyhow, Abunimah consistently ignores White’s one sided, self-righteous and sometimes racist news feed, and shows no objection to him being occupied (LOL I said occupied!) by the Guardian.  And this is without even going into Abunimah’s very radical Twitter Feed itself or his VERY racist fans like the on who made this:

“courtesy of”: Mantiq Al Tayr

An open letter signed by Sarah Colborne, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, saying: “his (Treviño) one-sided political views to the Guardian and using it as a platform for his propaganda” fits perfectly with AbuNimah’s double standard– Are they seriously saying the Guardian’s other writers  aren’t entitled to have opinions, strong and radical ones, of their own – Unless they are anti Israeli and anti Zionist opinions?

Following up my post from last week regarding Sir Patrick Stewart’s visit to Israel, I checked out he’s latest updates, and you know what- it seems like our Sir is doing ALRIGHT 🙂

A few days ago the Israeli News Portal ‘Ynet’ reported that the British actor Sir Patrick Stewart has arrived in Israel to film a new Israeli production comedy.
sounds like fun doesn’t it? well, for  BDSers and their “brave” leader Tali Shapiro he’s just a new victim to harass.
in continuation to Tali’s tradition of mixing politics and culture she tweeted a few hours ago to Patrick:
“Don’t let your name be used to divert attention from Israel’s politics of Ethnic cleansing and apartheid”
A couple of days earlier another self-righteous Twitterer suggested  that Patrick was endorsing Apartheid and occupation (what?!):
Lets stop these couple of tweets from becoming a downpour of tweets,
lets stop the harassment before it becomes an abuse,
lets show sir Patrick some love!
Act! Tweet  @SirPatStew! or post on his FB wall !

*Although this is not a recent topic, I decided to write on the subject after coming across some Tweets comparing once again Israel with Nazi Germany.

One rhetoric claim of Anti Israeli movements (Namely BDS) is that the methods and actions used by the IDF to handle the Israeli – Palestinian conflict are similar to those used by the Nazi Regime

This unfounded claim is used cynically to mislead those who don’t know the history and facts of the conflict.
Let’s get the record straight!

While it was the official Nazi philosophy to Annihilate individuals and races they saw as inferior, which included: Jews, Romani-Gypsies, the physically and mentally disabled, homosexuals, blacks, Jehovah’s Witnesses and political opponents – the IDF has never had such a policy.

In fact, the IDF recruits diverse population; Jews obviously, Muslims, Christians, Druze, gay, straight, physically and mentally disabled, and many other ethnicity and backgrounds.

A great Video made by our Friend at SpeedyMedia, it illustrates BDSers rhetorics on the subject and Disproves it.

If they insist on comparing…

Also, Nazi Germany has never had an Issue of surviving among nationalities who wish to destroy it, in fact it wasn’t even at war on it’s first few years.
As much as Anti-Israel activists would like to say it wasn’t, The IDF was born out of an existential need, and Not out of a sadistic need to kill or ” Ethnically cleanse” ,like BDSers like calling it so much. Obviously the comparison is not aligned with any known historical fact.

Nazi Germany had Systematically exterminated 6,000,000 Jews, between 220,000 to 1,500,000 Romani-Gypsies , 200,000 physically or mentally handicapped men and women, an estimate of 100,000 men were arrested for homosexuality!  For sure no one in their right mind thinks Israel seeks to execute any of the above…

What’s more, Israel is the No.1 Provider of food and medicine to Gaza and West Bank.                                                    let’s face it- it’s in no way comparable to the Holocaust.

Sure, it’s easier to just Shock your audience with horrific, often fake, images and outrageous comparisons, than to run a (relatively) civilized discussion of facts and ideas. That’s probably why web BDSers will continue doing that.