The Guardian’s anger-management class of 2012: Joshua Treviño VS Ben White

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There are probably many different reasons for the Guardian’s seemingly odd decision to hire member of Act for Israel Joshua Treviño to their US commentary team.
I don’t presume to fully understand the British paper’s decision, what really makes me sneak a smile is Ali Abunimah’s disproportionate response to this decision, which included an article published on Al-Jazeera and FOUR different posts published on his own website- Electronic Intifada.

A question to Abunimah has to be asked though; How come he didn’t resent the Guardian hiring his good pal and fellow BDSer – Ben White?
Abunimah keeps sticking to the claim that Treviño has endorsed the IDF to kill American soldiers over his Twitter account more than a year ago, and that’s what makes him unfit to write for th Guardian.
Let’s assume for a second that it is a genuine call for action and not a merely rhetoric remark. Anyhow, Abunimah consistently ignores White’s one sided, self-righteous and sometimes racist news feed, and shows no objection to him being occupied (LOL I said occupied!) by the Guardian.  And this is without even going into Abunimah’s very radical Twitter Feed itself or his VERY racist fans like the on who made this:

“courtesy of”: Mantiq Al Tayr

An open letter signed by Sarah Colborne, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, saying: “his (Treviño) one-sided political views to the Guardian and using it as a platform for his propaganda” fits perfectly with AbuNimah’s double standard– Are they seriously saying the Guardian’s other writers  aren’t entitled to have opinions, strong and radical ones, of their own – Unless they are anti Israeli and anti Zionist opinions?

  1. Yuval says:

    He was probably hired for being a very accomplished professional. Including speech writing for the Bush Administration, own communacation strategy firm etc… Plus, as a Jewish Republican he’s a healthy POV for the Guardian.

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