To Fool or not to Fool – Fake Images in BDS use once again

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s always easier when someone else is doing your job for you, isn’t it?
last week while having one of my regular BDS online rounds I came across an image which wasn’t only disturbing to look at, it felt fishy and wasn’t put up together very well.
On Hamde Abu Rahma’s, a very talented and appreciated, though an extremist, Palestinian photographer  I found this:
I have written before about the comparison of Holocaust and the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict by BDS activist, but this one is preformed very poorly…
I served, like most Israeli adults, in the IDF. I was born and raised in Israel, and I have never, ever saw any national Campaign which  was even slightly similar to the girl on the left.
Ever heard of Dr. Steel?  I didn’t either, The guy is a unique-conceptual musician and performer who wears round an image of a doctor who intends to take over the world.
cool guy, with a very cool (and a very old- 2005) custom army called ‘Army of Toy Soldiers’, This army consists of three types of characters:  Toy Soldiers, Nurses, and Toy Scouts.
 take a guess which one of the 3 is our star shown up.  RIGHT! she’s the Toy Scouts enlisting girl!

Photo taken from Dr Steel’s MySpace account

Now, you don’t think a BDSer will actually sit down for hours working his Photoshop and making the girl all Israeli, no, that is way too much work. Someone else has done it for him as well, the best they can do is changing the slogan on the bottom and putting two pictures side by side showing their regular method of lying and deceiving.
According to the Mizbala agency blog, a Jewish artist named Zeev Ben Yosef have made an Independent retro style  campaign, showing the IDF in a cool-creative-vintage atmosphere and put it up on his FB page. again, the project is made by a guy on his spare time and was NOT produced or used by Israel officially (or unofficially for that matter).
I tried to contact Zeev but he did not respond until now.
Will BDS activist ever learn that people are not stupid? we have heard of Google Images, we will do research, and we will not believe every outraging Image shown to us like the sheep  you  work to lead to false conclusions…



  1. He’s a friend of Mondoweiss and of the paid rioters at Bil’in.

  2. Great sleuthing, Or.

    I bet you could find lots of pictures of wholesome girls promoting or collecting for all kinds of things. Think of the Land O’ Lakes Maiden. Is she supposed to be a Nazi, too.

    The picture of the Nazi girl is not so uniquely iconic if Nazi propaganda. I bet if one had the time to search you could find all kinds of similarities between Nazi posters and other posters.

    What is really sick is the comments at Rahma’s facebook page about the photo.

    ” I do not doubt its authenticity and the striking similarity doesn’t surprise me”

    These are people who look for ways to dehumanize Jews.


    • Absolutely. again, propaganda is propaganda it will always have some similarities with other campaigns, the disturbing thing about this is the constant method of comparing Israel with Nazi regime. people can honestly believe that and the thought of it horrifies me.
      I saw some comments on Abu Rahma’s page saying the picture is fake… hopefully this will go viral and the lie will be exposed.

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