The Real Humanitarian Problem is 280km north to Gaza

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

What has been happening with Ariel’s info-graphic (summing the concerning humanitarian situation in Syria) in  the past 24 hours is pretty amazing. People are sharing it like mad, and I’m pretty proud to say I recognized it first and uploaded his guest post right here on my blog 🙂

As for me, I thought I’d add a few words of my own on the matter.  I really do get why people who are not regularly involved in on-site Pro- Palestinian activities, Italian or Spanish or Swedish may find the idea of a flotilla coming to the rescue  heroic, even romantic. I don’t think all of them are cynical provocateurs, though a few probably are. But this concept has simply nothing to do with reality. Surely after the grave experience of 2010, no one who looked into the events can arrange for another such flotilla and claim it isn’t a cynical, political action. It has been political the last time,  and will be political in times to come. There’s nothing heroic and most certainly nothing romantic about provoking violence, carrying weapons to threat and hurt soldiers, breaking international law. There’s a statement to it, a bold one.  But accepting that these “aid flotillas” to gaza are political acts means also giving up the beautiful bright glow so easily being attached to them.

If you want to be real heroes, Travel 280 kilometers north. True, the Syrian army is much more likely than the IDF to shoot activists or throw them in jail – But nobody said being a hero is easy…



Image translated to French, Italian and Spanish. Feel free download and use it wherever you want.


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