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Not an Anti-Semitic (?)

    “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs. It polarizes the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world”

Imagine that been said with a heavy Irish exigent on TV prime time, and this wasn’t it;

“Unless you deal with the problem of Israel and the Palestinians in that part of the world, there’s going to be conflict and disharmony. It’s a massive injustice – they stole the land from the Arabs.”

Last week, while Irish TV3 broadcaster Vincent Browne was talking about the second US presidential debate, he found the word Cancer appropriate to describe Israel, and as if that wasn’t enough, he finally determined that the land of Israel was stolen from the Arabs.

Anti-Israel-left -wing anchormen and reporters are not uncommon in the world wide media, but when a TV broadcaster is out with an anti-Semitic statement, refuses to apologize and is not being condemned by any major media entities, that is SCARY!

Is Mr Browne the dread of Irish media? or do his colleagues feel it is legitimate to refer to a whole nation as cancer?
since all major newspapers, TV and radio shows in Ireland almost completely ignored the Incident I would just have to assume Antisemitism is now an official Irish media agenda…


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Full article by Or Barkan at Think Scotland

Support BatSheva Ensemble in Europe!

ARTISTS are usually passionate people who want to express their feelings, ideas and personalities on a stage.
Israeli ‘BatSheva’ dance ensemble have earned their invitations to the best stages Europe,
Not only are they highly acclaimed and have received great reviews, a quick glance on their website shows the ensemble to be truly multi-cultural with dancers from all over the world and, more relevantly a site in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel BDSers, protesters outside the theaters. they too use their “freedom of speech” And that is not necessarily a bad thing in itself.
I personally don’t agree with them but I do respect their right to be heard.

Will BDS protesters violently-destroy this upcoming BatSheva tour to Europe?

The Arab-Israeli conflict is anything but simple and what makes it more difficult to resolve is its portrayal in extremes of black and white. This polarization has led these protesters to dismiss their non-violent mantra, adding violence, hate, fear and intimidation to their arguments.

The line between legitimate non-violent protesting and vandalizing might not be so easy to nail down but there is one line that is very clear: the theater door.

The BDS protesters have crossed that threshold many times, bringing what might have been a legitimate protest inside, physically hijacking the hall for their protest.

The protesters-turned-vandals disrupt the shows repeatedly and are not arrested or even forcibly withdrawn from the hall leaving audience members “alarmed and vulnerable”.
They vandalize the rights of the BatSheva group members and their audience to enjoy an evening of art and culture, regardless of political or religious motives of people living thousands of miles away.
They search for a media spotlight, kidnapping the moment and the attention of the audience who definitely did not buy tickets to see these protesters’ “dance”.

It is therefore up to the theaters themselves to stand up to and stand by the reason they exist: the performance of art by artists to art lovers. They should have staff members to escort the “bullies” away to be fined the night’s tickets for ruining their evening.

Here is the International Schedule for BatSheva’s upcoming shows

Let’s do a quick Guided imagery test,
imagine you’re a citizen of a country named X. you’ve heard about Gaza, you’re not fully aware of the details but you do know it’s in a problematic situation.
now, you hear about a group of ‘heroic peace activists’ sailing a ship to Gaza meaning to help some poor people by giving them food and medicine.
Nice huh?

Try Syria…

the next day you hear the ship couldn’t reach Gaza cause it’s Under maritime siege, the ship was taken by the Israeli navy and shipped to another city’s port.
once it reached that port the ship was checked and none humanitarian aid equipment or supplies are found on board. nothing.
later on, one activist’s mother was quoted saying “This was a provocation meant to raise awareness”.
So was it only 30 people trying to break International water law, getting stopped, and doing nothing but waving flags and making loud noises?

Now, how would you feel about those “peace activists?”

what if they have reached Gaza, docked the ship, opened it up and there were nothing?

In my opinion, they do quite the opposite effect. they make me feel angry at “peace activists” who try to make a fool out of me and other common people.
and no, we can’t forget Syria, especially when it is so close to Gaza.


Before watching the next video, all must be seated and take a moment to breathe in and out slowly.
you’re about to watch a real life insanity. now, push play.
CodePink is a group of anti war women activists who, by idea, has a beautiful world-peace agenda, if somewhat eclectic.
By practice, I would have to call them a bunch of girls seeking attention who’s long forgotten their values and would do anything to get a news headline anywhere.
It only takes one watch at the bridezillas video to make you wonder.
The way I understand it, these girls’ agenda and morals are simply not  strong enough  to reach crowd and attention;
or perhaps they’re insecure about them. Either way,  they appear to have had to turn to extreme measures.
and by extreme measures I mean making a complete fools of themselves trying to cause a provocation after realizing their point isn’t solid and can be argued very easily.


This last August CodePink showed up at the RNC Convention dressed up as huge Vaginas, claiming that’s what will make woman be proud to be females.
Well, News flash dear protesters, neither dressing up as brides or gigantic lady parts  will make me feel proud to be a female, my mind will do just fine and so will my mouth.
Real activists will have strong solid statements and will not have to use provocations or embarrass themselves so that they will be heard.

Remember Khulood Badawi and her FAKE wounded-Gaza-child affair?
A brief reminder; a UN employee used her twitter account to published a photo of a dying child in her fathers hands and falsely claim that the child was killed by Israel.
She tweeted: “Palestine is bleeding. Another child killed by Israel… Another father carrying his child to a grave in Gaza”


After the irreparable damage to Israel’s reputation was done, it was found out that the picture was not only an old one published by Reuters in 2006, but also that the child was killed in an accident that was unrelated to Israel in any way, shape or form.

It took over seven months for the UN to complete an investigation which is very simple and obvious: Badawi, who has anti-Israel attitudes, had abused her power as a UN officer in order to tarnish Israel’s name.

According to the Jerusalem Post  “Findings not yet released after completion of investigation”.
In my opinion, there is no place for an individual who publishes false photos that can lead to violence in an organization that is meant to protect the world from violence.

How much longer will it take for the UN to admit and condemn such  racist behavior??


While having done some reading and discussing with other people the BDS movement, its supporters and propaganda, I  still can’t identify a clear suggested solution as for the fate of the Israeli state. Most  BDSers won’t call for its extermination openly, but would rather ignore the grave questions implied by their cause. They say what they DON’T want – “apartheid”, the wall, IDF presence in Gaza and so on – But  to my knowing none suggest an alternate and sustainable solution that will include millions of Israeli Jews. They just dodge the question and claim that it will only be debateable once their demands are answered.

Source: PressTV

Not all of them, though. Some, very few, are at least bold enough to admit that their real problem is not with a regime, a policy or a set of laws – But  with the very existence of the state of Israel. One of these is the writer of the blog “Silver Lining”, a post by whom I was sent this week. Blog Post (originally poted as a column) by Muslim convert Kevin Barrett lists an outrageously ridiculous conspiracy theory that holds the “Zionists” responsible for the 9/11 disaster. Barrett was  already recognized by the Anti-Defamation League as “one of the leading promoters of anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories as part of a network of anti-Israel conspiracists who endorse and reinforce each other’s work” who “blame Israel for numerous nefarious deeds and false flag operations.”  [Source].

But that’s not it. Barrett is linking this haunted idea to why the state of Israel will soon cease to exist, a statement  issued by Kissinger and quoted on NY Post: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel” . Not surprisingly, Barrett’s original publisher  is not the Post, but the Iranian Regime’s puppet “News agency” PressTV. What can you expect?

While Kissinger’s statement was quoted on the NY post “as is”, and can be interpreted the result of analyzing  the dangers Israel is facing in  military and diplomatic aspects, Barrett is using it a a justification to call for Israel’s extermination. His General Anti Israeli, anti semitic views works well with using support from Iranian sources, and promoting “A world without Israel” agenda into the mainstream sphere. As opposed to the twisted title he chose, the Intelligence community does not “endorse” a world without Israel – It simply realizes and explains how this may become a reality should people such as Barrette himself succeed in their mission.

I find that scary, but knowing the truth is better than being blinded by foggy  lies.  How can any BDSer tell me they’re just using “means of direct and non-violent protest”, when some of their flag-carriers openly call for the destruction of Israel, hand in hand with Iranian allies?

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