Kevin Barrett’s Terminal Destination – A world without Israel

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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While having done some reading and discussing with other people the BDS movement, its supporters and propaganda, I  still can’t identify a clear suggested solution as for the fate of the Israeli state. Most  BDSers won’t call for its extermination openly, but would rather ignore the grave questions implied by their cause. They say what they DON’T want – “apartheid”, the wall, IDF presence in Gaza and so on – But  to my knowing none suggest an alternate and sustainable solution that will include millions of Israeli Jews. They just dodge the question and claim that it will only be debateable once their demands are answered.

Source: PressTV

Not all of them, though. Some, very few, are at least bold enough to admit that their real problem is not with a regime, a policy or a set of laws – But  with the very existence of the state of Israel. One of these is the writer of the blog “Silver Lining”, a post by whom I was sent this week. Blog Post (originally poted as a column) by Muslim convert Kevin Barrett lists an outrageously ridiculous conspiracy theory that holds the “Zionists” responsible for the 9/11 disaster. Barrett was  already recognized by the Anti-Defamation League as “one of the leading promoters of anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories as part of a network of anti-Israel conspiracists who endorse and reinforce each other’s work” who “blame Israel for numerous nefarious deeds and false flag operations.”  [Source].

But that’s not it. Barrett is linking this haunted idea to why the state of Israel will soon cease to exist, a statement  issued by Kissinger and quoted on NY Post: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel” . Not surprisingly, Barrett’s original publisher  is not the Post, but the Iranian Regime’s puppet “News agency” PressTV. What can you expect?

While Kissinger’s statement was quoted on the NY post “as is”, and can be interpreted the result of analyzing  the dangers Israel is facing in  military and diplomatic aspects, Barrett is using it a a justification to call for Israel’s extermination. His General Anti Israeli, anti semitic views works well with using support from Iranian sources, and promoting “A world without Israel” agenda into the mainstream sphere. As opposed to the twisted title he chose, the Intelligence community does not “endorse” a world without Israel – It simply realizes and explains how this may become a reality should people such as Barrette himself succeed in their mission.

I find that scary, but knowing the truth is better than being blinded by foggy  lies.  How can any BDSer tell me they’re just using “means of direct and non-violent protest”, when some of their flag-carriers openly call for the destruction of Israel, hand in hand with Iranian allies?

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