“Peace activists” to Gaza – Just drop the “Peace”

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Let’s do a quick Guided imagery test,
imagine you’re a citizen of a country named X. you’ve heard about Gaza, you’re not fully aware of the details but you do know it’s in a problematic situation.
now, you hear about a group of ‘heroic peace activists’ sailing a ship to Gaza meaning to help some poor people by giving them food and medicine.
Nice huh?

Try Syria…

the next day you hear the ship couldn’t reach Gaza cause it’s Under maritime siege, the ship was taken by the Israeli navy and shipped to another city’s port.
once it reached that port the ship was checked and none humanitarian aid equipment or supplies are found on board. nothing.
later on, one activist’s mother was quoted saying “This was a provocation meant to raise awareness”.
So was it only 30 people trying to break International water law, getting stopped, and doing nothing but waving flags and making loud noises?

Now, how would you feel about those “peace activists?”

what if they have reached Gaza, docked the ship, opened it up and there were nothing?

In my opinion, they do quite the opposite effect. they make me feel angry at “peace activists” who try to make a fool out of me and other common people.
and no, we can’t forget Syria, especially when it is so close to Gaza.



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