BDS Bullying and intimidation is not legitimate protest

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Full article by Or Barkan at Think Scotland

Support BatSheva Ensemble in Europe!

ARTISTS are usually passionate people who want to express their feelings, ideas and personalities on a stage.
Israeli ‘BatSheva’ dance ensemble have earned their invitations to the best stages Europe,
Not only are they highly acclaimed and have received great reviews, a quick glance on their website shows the ensemble to be truly multi-cultural with dancers from all over the world and, more relevantly a site in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel BDSers, protesters outside the theaters. they too use their “freedom of speech” And that is not necessarily a bad thing in itself.
I personally don’t agree with them but I do respect their right to be heard.

Will BDS protesters violently-destroy this upcoming BatSheva tour to Europe?

The Arab-Israeli conflict is anything but simple and what makes it more difficult to resolve is its portrayal in extremes of black and white. This polarization has led these protesters to dismiss their non-violent mantra, adding violence, hate, fear and intimidation to their arguments.

The line between legitimate non-violent protesting and vandalizing might not be so easy to nail down but there is one line that is very clear: the theater door.

The BDS protesters have crossed that threshold many times, bringing what might have been a legitimate protest inside, physically hijacking the hall for their protest.

The protesters-turned-vandals disrupt the shows repeatedly and are not arrested or even forcibly withdrawn from the hall leaving audience members “alarmed and vulnerable”.
They vandalize the rights of the BatSheva group members and their audience to enjoy an evening of art and culture, regardless of political or religious motives of people living thousands of miles away.
They search for a media spotlight, kidnapping the moment and the attention of the audience who definitely did not buy tickets to see these protesters’ “dance”.

It is therefore up to the theaters themselves to stand up to and stand by the reason they exist: the performance of art by artists to art lovers. They should have staff members to escort the “bullies” away to be fined the night’s tickets for ruining their evening.

Here is the International Schedule for BatSheva’s upcoming shows

  1. Brian says:

    The good news: They’ll never really ruin it 🙂 Cause Batsheva is AMAZING!

  2. Alana says:

    Sorry, but Israel cannot use police violence to disrupt Palestinian literary festivals (never mind white phosphorous on civilians) and expect to be treated as a normal country. Batsheva and every Israeli state-funded group will be protested outside and inside everywhere in the UK.
    Stop the crime and then you can expect to be welcomed.
    See &

    • Sorry, but when the IDF will perform in Europe I will accept this argument. dancers aren’t soldiers and BatSheva isn’t governmental. Frighten the audience only keeps the dialog farther away

  3. Alana Terego says:

    Hi, Academic Truth, questions:
    1. Do you approve of the numerous protests against the Jerusalem Quartet, who were awarded the official title of “Distinguished IDF Musicians”. Or must it only be front-line soldiers who merit protest?
    2. Did you know Batsheva’s foreign travels are paid for by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, current Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.
    3. Do you think ex-Kach Lieberman supports Batsheva because of his love of dance, or because it can be useful to his Kach-inspired agenda, including ethnic cleansing.

  4. Alana says:

    Hi, Academic truth
    I would still really appreciate an answer to my first and third question.

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