Is Anti-Israel agenda now an official part of the Irish media?

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Not an Anti-Semitic (?)

    “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs. It polarizes the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world”

Imagine that been said with a heavy Irish exigent on TV prime time, and this wasn’t it;

“Unless you deal with the problem of Israel and the Palestinians in that part of the world, there’s going to be conflict and disharmony. It’s a massive injustice – they stole the land from the Arabs.”

Last week, while Irish TV3 broadcaster Vincent Browne was talking about the second US presidential debate, he found the word Cancer appropriate to describe Israel, and as if that wasn’t enough, he finally determined that the land of Israel was stolen from the Arabs.

Anti-Israel-left -wing anchormen and reporters are not uncommon in the world wide media, but when a TV broadcaster is out with an anti-Semitic statement, refuses to apologize and is not being condemned by any major media entities, that is SCARY!

Is Mr Browne the dread of Irish media? or do his colleagues feel it is legitimate to refer to a whole nation as cancer?
since all major newspapers, TV and radio shows in Ireland almost completely ignored the Incident I would just have to assume Antisemitism is now an official Irish media agenda…


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  1. Yossi says:

    If this self-righteous and hypocriticalwould had knowen some history, he would had knowen that his load of lies, are unfounded, but as an anti-Semite, I do not expect him to let the facts confuse him, he’s consumed with hatred and is pathetic !!! pity that he really do not care about bad treatment & the persecution of Christians around the Arab – Muslim’s world & their suffering over there, especially in his so called ” Palestine”, where Christian towns like Bethlehem, became cities with a Muslim majority ,as a Catholic, I would had expected him to understand, that when the Arabs deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and Israel, they actually deny the existence of Jesus! So i tell him : continue supporting terrorists ,those who are calling to slaughter all of the “infidels” (including the Christians – all those who DO NOT believe in Muhammad). he drops all his faith under his feet, and the day will come when his beloved Muslims will treat him like they did with the Crusaders! now they are just using him , but for them he is no more then a crusader and an enemy as the Jews and Israelis! Long live Israel, (there never was an Arabic-Muslim state of “Palestine”, nor an Arabic-Muslim “Palestinian” nation-this was a fiction of his British “friends” who are conquering the North of his country,his recognition of “Palestine” is recognized that Northern Ireland does not belong to free Ireland, but to Great Britain,Simple equation!!!)

  2. Vincent Brown and his ‘left wing’ alliance should try living in Iran for a while. Tell them how undemocratic a Country Iran is or that their existence and governance is from the barrel of a gun and see how you get on. And while you are at it, just for good measure, criticise the prophet Mohammed or the Islamic religion. Off with his head-oops.

  3. It is not just anti Israel, it is anti American, anti western lifestyle, anti law & order in favour of the criminal & anti anything that does not conform to the leftist/liberal agenda. This has been going on a while & it is very disturbing. The truth never comes out & at times, a version of the truth is told. Regarding the anti Israel trait in Irish media, u have to look deeper & see who the people behind it really are. That’s where you’ll get the answer.The answer is the people who are behind it. Their agenda rests with them & not with Irish society as a whole. Leftist/liberals denounce in a subtle way all things western yet they never reject the western pay cheques & lifestyles. Israel is only one of their many targets. However, it is not all doom & gloom. In spite of everything, many Irish are center/center right & develop that way of thinking as they enter their 30’s. It is a wonderful surprise to me that the majority of Irish people never swallow the leftist/liberal crap. Over the last 30 plus years for example, RTE have tried to shove the Sinn Fein/IRA line down our throats. After 30 plus years, the majority never bought into it & it shows that while Israelis would be forgiven for thinking we Irish are anti Israel & anti Jewish, we are not. I would love to have the money to develop a centre/centre right newspaper & news website. Balance needs to be brought back into it. Balance, fairness & justness. Plus to counter attack the leftist/liberal agenda. They hate being challenged & hate the fact that people dare disagree with them.Hit them where it hurts, eh ??!!

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