Keep faking: Another Syrian photo in use of Anti Israel activists

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Its almost as if Anti Israeli activists online use the crisis in Syria as their own Image Bank.

Another fake photo has just been used by @Dylan, a very controversial Twitter user, who’s been compulsively using photos of dead Syrian people and claiming they were taken in Gaza while ‘Pillar of defense’ is taking place.
Here is a fresh baked lie right from a cynical user’s oven;

The unborn dead infant and his dead mother were killed in Homs, Syria on 04/09/2012.
I don’t think there’s any ground to believe they were ever in Gaza, certainly not now.

Stop the lies!

  1. hi Judge Dan, do you have one other important link to that tweeter owner whose writen in arabican language name? 🙂 to make readers to this link pretty sure that this pic is not a photoshop editor. 😉 stay peace and stay faight for innocent civilian peoples on BOTH israel and palestine.

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