Hi, I’m Or. I’m a history and education student from Israel, and devote my time, among other things, to activism. I believe that weapons harm the people at both their ends, and that wars  should and could be stopped.

Nothing upsets me more than finding out others, who claim to be as peace loving as myself, turn out to be racist hypocrites.

As a free-thinker and researcher, I set up this little blog for the sole purpose of clarifying who’s who, and spotting “activists” (mainly BDSers) who use fake materials, blatant lies, violence or bullying and  try to manipulate others, usually neutral or opinion-less.



Love for all!

Tips? Mail me! 

  1. gili says:

    הי אור יש לי בדיוק מה שאת צריכה ?כדי להאשים את מדינת לבנון <כביכול באנטשמיות ברורה לגבי זרים ויהודים הלוואי שישדרו את זה היום בטלוויזיה הערבית

  2. majd says:

    “this little blog was set up for the sole purpose of clarifying who’s who”
    but who are you to say who’s who anyway. dude, you have no credibility at all.

  3. gili says:

    , ,they’er ‘ i give you an example , FOR THIS B.D.S _ I TIKE {robin cook’s Britsh society !

    when is visited netanyahu and turning in to the cryng Arabs propgnda in 2003


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