Bat Sheva Dance Company – Don’t Boycott Art

Feel free to download and spread the Image

Here we go again. In what has become a regular routine, once again the BDS crowd turn to attack Israeli culture abroad – This time, it’s the Bat Sheva Dance Company.

Bat Sheva and the Ensemble youth group are due to perform in Edinburgh in the end of this month – Starting August 30 – And the usual suspects are already up and about rallying and bullying to try and stop the shows.

The Boycott Divestment Sanction movement’s (BDS)  latest similar campaign– attempting to prevent the Israeli National theatre HaBima from performing at the London Globe theatre this May – Was a failure.  The shows were up as scheduled, and BDSers were dismissed both online and on-site. Boycotting Israel as a “political” tool has been proven not only ineffective, but in some cases as I presented in previous blog posts – A suspicious cover up for good old fashioned  hatred, racism and anti-Semitism.

Boycotting Bat Sheva is boycotting art.  It’s boycotting culture.

 I’ll be online spreading this message in the upcoming week – Linking to this blog post, and sharing the beautiful images  made using some awesome Dancers footage.

Join me if you will, and help me prove that art can’t be stopped. It can’t be labeled, it won’t be silenced, and it shouldn’t be boycotted.

I have wrote a letter urging Scottish journalists to stay objective and professional while covering the subject:

 Here is how to contact  with some of the Scottish Media, please join me and Email them or make a phone call as well, you are welcome to use my text 🙂

Dear Sir,
I’m writing to you as a blogger, a reader and an activist.
I understand that you will be covering the Israeli dance company, Bat Sheva, performance in the Edinburgh International Festival – And part of the story is obviously the political debate around it.
As a respected journalist you should always keep in mind that every story has two sides. I wish Bat Sheva’s performances were covered and examined simply as art (for better or worse…), but if already choosing a political angel on a matter of arts, he must stay objective and at least cover both sides and show the whole picture. While pro Palestinian activists are running loud and aggressive campaigns against the show- Others, like myself, support it both online and offline – And we’ll be as loud as we can.

The Scotsman.
Contact them at: or their Arts editor at:  or call their switchboard on : 0131 620 8620

Edinburgh Evening News.
Email them at: or contact their Arts Editor Liam Rudden at: or call their switchboard on: 0131 620 8620.

The Daily Herald.
Contact them or their Sunday edition: or their Arts editor Keith Bruce on: or call their switchboard on: 0141 302 7000

The Daily Record.
Email them at: or call their switchboard on: 0141 309 3000


Feel free to download and spread the Image

Feel free to download and spread the Image

Feel free to download and spread the Image

  1. Henri-Dominique Paratte says:

    Art, even when it makes political statements – and dancers do not – has to be respected for its artistic value first of all, wherever it comes from.

  2. Adam Harrison says:

    I have just returned from the Bat Sheva Dance Company’s performance in Edinburgh.

    Outside stood a whole crowd of ugly wailing Jew haters, a furious and despicable lot calling for an end of “apartheid in Israel”.

    Really, when will their anti-Israel propaganda and lies stop? Do they not have one bit of decency in their blood? They should be ashamed for claiming to be defenders of human rights … our Edinburgh streets and citizens where bombarded with racist, fascist and abusive criticism of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

    These kind of mob-rule venomous demonstrations need to stop, they do not bring peace to the current political situation in Israel, these demonstrations only stir up a world-wide hatred towards Israelis and the Jewish people!!! This is not right!!!

    • Unfortunately those “activists” don’t have anything to do with peace. they are simply fans of hate. I’ve written many times that once the conflict will be over, they will all be out of business… they got no real interest in peace, they need to sell books and write in magazine, and they use ‘weak’ people for their own interests.

  3. Sabra says:

    Actually, they also stir up a lot of hatred against themselves, so at least there’s that (cold comfort). I wrote to all 9 of the links/editors provided above .. unfortunately I didn’t see this post until today so it’s a bit late .. wish I could’ve been of help sooner but hopefully it’s not all in vain.

  4. Excellent piece Dan! Sorry, have been off Twitter for a while, just got ur Tweet & a little too late too!

    My sincerest apologies for that!

    Have a Blessed Yom Kippur!

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