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Full article by Or Barkan at Think Scotland

Support BatSheva Ensemble in Europe!

ARTISTS are usually passionate people who want to express their feelings, ideas and personalities on a stage.
Israeli ‘BatSheva’ dance ensemble have earned their invitations to the best stages Europe,
Not only are they highly acclaimed and have received great reviews, a quick glance on their website shows the ensemble to be truly multi-cultural with dancers from all over the world and, more relevantly a site in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel BDSers, protesters outside the theaters. they too use their “freedom of speech” And that is not necessarily a bad thing in itself.
I personally don’t agree with them but I do respect their right to be heard.

Will BDS protesters violently-destroy this upcoming BatSheva tour to Europe?

The Arab-Israeli conflict is anything but simple and what makes it more difficult to resolve is its portrayal in extremes of black and white. This polarization has led these protesters to dismiss their non-violent mantra, adding violence, hate, fear and intimidation to their arguments.

The line between legitimate non-violent protesting and vandalizing might not be so easy to nail down but there is one line that is very clear: the theater door.

The BDS protesters have crossed that threshold many times, bringing what might have been a legitimate protest inside, physically hijacking the hall for their protest.

The protesters-turned-vandals disrupt the shows repeatedly and are not arrested or even forcibly withdrawn from the hall leaving audience members “alarmed and vulnerable”.
They vandalize the rights of the BatSheva group members and their audience to enjoy an evening of art and culture, regardless of political or religious motives of people living thousands of miles away.
They search for a media spotlight, kidnapping the moment and the attention of the audience who definitely did not buy tickets to see these protesters’ “dance”.

It is therefore up to the theaters themselves to stand up to and stand by the reason they exist: the performance of art by artists to art lovers. They should have staff members to escort the “bullies” away to be fined the night’s tickets for ruining their evening.

Here is the International Schedule for BatSheva’s upcoming shows

Let’s do a quick Guided imagery test,
imagine you’re a citizen of a country named X. you’ve heard about Gaza, you’re not fully aware of the details but you do know it’s in a problematic situation.
now, you hear about a group of ‘heroic peace activists’ sailing a ship to Gaza meaning to help some poor people by giving them food and medicine.
Nice huh?

Try Syria…

the next day you hear the ship couldn’t reach Gaza cause it’s Under maritime siege, the ship was taken by the Israeli navy and shipped to another city’s port.
once it reached that port the ship was checked and none humanitarian aid equipment or supplies are found on board. nothing.
later on, one activist’s mother was quoted saying “This was a provocation meant to raise awareness”.
So was it only 30 people trying to break International water law, getting stopped, and doing nothing but waving flags and making loud noises?

Now, how would you feel about those “peace activists?”

what if they have reached Gaza, docked the ship, opened it up and there were nothing?

In my opinion, they do quite the opposite effect. they make me feel angry at “peace activists” who try to make a fool out of me and other common people.
and no, we can’t forget Syria, especially when it is so close to Gaza.


Before watching the next video, all must be seated and take a moment to breathe in and out slowly.
you’re about to watch a real life insanity. now, push play.
CodePink is a group of anti war women activists who, by idea, has a beautiful world-peace agenda, if somewhat eclectic.
By practice, I would have to call them a bunch of girls seeking attention who’s long forgotten their values and would do anything to get a news headline anywhere.
It only takes one watch at the bridezillas video to make you wonder.
The way I understand it, these girls’ agenda and morals are simply not  strong enough  to reach crowd and attention;
or perhaps they’re insecure about them. Either way,  they appear to have had to turn to extreme measures.
and by extreme measures I mean making a complete fools of themselves trying to cause a provocation after realizing their point isn’t solid and can be argued very easily.


This last August CodePink showed up at the RNC Convention dressed up as huge Vaginas, claiming that’s what will make woman be proud to be females.
Well, News flash dear protesters, neither dressing up as brides or gigantic lady parts  will make me feel proud to be a female, my mind will do just fine and so will my mouth.
Real activists will have strong solid statements and will not have to use provocations or embarrass themselves so that they will be heard.

By now, we are all used to the creative lies spread by BDS leaders and other anti Israel activists. However, it seems that their students (the followers) have taken hate and lies one step further, a step too far.

While tweeting away this morning I was astounded to come across a dreadful hate-inciting Hash Tag #FuckIsrael.
I must say I’ve never seen this one before, Most of these #FuckIsrael tweets also include our friend’s Hash tag- #BDS.This repetitive phenomena shows that there is a direct connection between the twitterers of both Hash tags. It is important to note however, that from a quick look I could see that none of the BDS leaders use this new Hash tag, rather it seems to be their “creative” followers. A classy – students have surpassed their masters case.

Good neighborly


Naturally, I also had a look for the heartwarming term ‘Fuck Israel’ on Facebook. The main FB page that turned up had nearly 27,000 likes! hardly a radical minority…

The pictures, posts and statuses on this page are disgusting to say the least and are profoundly antisemitic.

Like it Pleaseeeee!

Both on Twitter and Facebook the writers take part in cyber bullying; they hack websites, mass report users, spread hate and racial comments. And on top of this all they call for their actions to be “shared”, “liked” and “retweeted”.

RT racist Tweets

The repetitive direct connection between the Hash tags #BDS and #FuckIsrael undeniably shows that BDS activists are totally against Israel rather than pro Palestinian. I could not find any posts in which the words (or #) WeLovePalestine (Nor #PeaceInTheMiddleEast).

Indeed, A supreme education. BDS leader should be proud….



Eventually, culture trumps boycott. Haters will be haters, and BDSers will be loud violent spammers who, in the end of the day, achieve nothing.

They’ll spam twitter with hundreds of tweets (all coming from the same few people), they’ll falsely claim they are trending and making the conversation their own, but when it comes to results…

Habima show took place and was recieved with applause – Another one is taking place tonight.

BDS protesters showed hardly any presence and certainly no effect, apart from being arrested.

And despite the unbalanced media coverage, where it actually means something – we all #loveculture.

Share these if you support free art and culture without borders!


A bombastic title? Check!
A shockingly bloody photo? Check!
A reliable source? wait, what? What for…?

If you went through your twitter feed in the last hour, you may have bumped into a fair share of re tweets to a heart breaking twit, linking to a rough photo, supposedly showing an innocent Palestinian teenager who was brutally murdered by a Zionist soldier.

Skeptical as ever, I immediately turned to search for journalistic sources to the story. I didn’t find any. What (or whom) I did find find is who I believe is patient zero of the photo on twitter, Mr. Joseph Dana. Dana is a  journalist for Le Mond, the National, GQ Germany and other magazines, and doubtlessly a very vocal pro Palestinian, anti Zionist activist.

Mr. Dana made sure to rephrase the original tweet and have others repeat it, so in one version the boy was 18 and and in another- 14, certainly a thorough journalistic work. He twitted this violent photo over and over again, and many tweeters  mindlessly re tweeted it without bothering to ask questions.

Where did you take the photo from, Mr. Dana? What is the source to the footage dozens of tweeters now replicate?
I couldn’t find any source to this photo, nor a clear answer to questions posed to Mr. Dana by a follower.

This is how the Anti Israeli propaganda machine works- A system that spreads lies quickly, efficiently and without ever bothering to check for proof. Can anyone prove me wrong?

According to Wikipedia, Omar Barghouti is ” a founding committee member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) who is currently studying for a masters degree in philosophy at Tel Aviv University. ” In general, a key figure in the BDS crowd.

But, according to a video released this week Barghouti can also be described as one holding rascist, biologically determinist opinions, who observes and analyzes problems in terms of “race”.  Racism is racism, whether it’s criticizing black, white or any other group of people and judging them solely by the color of their skin. and this is what Barghouti had to say on the matter of “white people”:

“I’m normally nice, but I will not take this from a white person, lecturing us about non-violence. I added that the white race is the most violent in the history of mankind. Just look at WWI and WWII and colonialism… You just don’t lecture us on violence and non-violence…”

What I find extremely ironic is that the very man who says that feels okay with studying philosophy in a “white” university, Tel Aviv University. So you won’t have them lecturing you on violence, but you will on philosophy? You will enjoy funds of the so called “violent” Israeli government (which funds most of the academic studies costs of the public universities) to obtain your degree?

Whatever your political views may be,  share and re-post this info to have these opinions delegitimized in public,  social and academic circles. While political stances are all legitimate, racism is not.

UPDATE: This video was previously posted by fellow bloggers on Huffington Post Monitor,  CIFWatch and Critical Analyst. I stumbled upon it first on Gilad Atzmon’s website . Please keep re-posting…