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Virtually attacked and abused by BDS

I have an Idea! let’s all bully the hell out of an artist so that he will do whatever we believe in, regardless of his own opinion!

I honestly believe that this is what goes through BDS followers’ minds when they go on an “operation stop a random artist from performing in Israel”.

Once again artists who are scheduled to perform in Israel are going through a virtual brutal and unrestrained attack which is basically just like holding a gun to their head forcing them to follow a belief who’s not theirs.

Operation stop Alanis Morissette from performing in the racist state of #Israel

This time, Alanis Morissette is the victim.
Morissette, a very loved artist in Israel since 1990’s, is due to play in Tel Aviv on December 3rd, and the show has been sold out for weeks now.
Well, everyone is pretty excited about it. That is, except the BDS movement activists who as usual are doing whatever they can to make Alanis either too scared or too confused to perform and by “whatever they can” I mean cursing, threatening, bullying and abusing her official Twitter and Facebook accounts:

“Deaf, dumb and blind” Sweet

Apparently Morissette isn’t a REAL artist.

So here is just another thought for you Alanis:
you are welcomed here in Israel.
By deciding to perform you will join artists like Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns and roses,  Cirque du Soleil and many others who chose to stay loyal to their fans in face of threats.
Who separate arts from politics and truth from popular lies and misconceptions.
Who truly believe in peace.


“The show must go on” was probably the most repeated sentence young BatSheva Ensemble dancers have heard in the last months. Protesters interrupt the their show in Edinburgh several times last week, but the dancers kept on dancing….

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“The company is supported by the state since 1965 when it was formed. It is supported by the idea that money has to go back to art. That is why we get money”. said Ohad Nahrin, BatSheva’s creative director, following the show at the debate session, regarding to  BDS activists accusations that BatSheva is financed by Israeli government.
Naharin had also shared his solidarity with Palestinian cause but fully opposed disruption the show.

Critics and viewers enjoy the show which did not stopped even once due to the protesters, and finally got their 5 stars review .

The BatSheva Ensemble European tour is now taking place.
I could only suggest BDS activists to stop and think; Is your violent overaggressive attitude really working? or maybe you should consider a more peaceful and civilized way of protesting?




During  the last month London has been hosting the Shakespeare Festival, where Shakespeare is being reenacted in 37 different languages including rap and sign language 🙂 and of course Palestinian Arabic.

I brought the subject up a while ago, after BDS activists have called to ban Habima, Israel’s national theater,  from the Festival and failed. The bottom line of the answer they received from the Globe was simple-  We separate the arts from politics.

Habima shows at the festival are due this week- Monday and Tuesday nights. From what I’m hearing (they’re not exactly being secretive about it…) BDS activists are planning on interrupting  Habima shows in any way the can.
 Unfortunately,  me and fellow Pro Israel activists can’t be there by body, but we sure will support Habima actors by soul, and of course spread our digital love! Others are already campaigning big time to celebrate the #BDSfail  Culture and art #win. This is the source!
If you agree with me that Shakespeare should be played in Hebrew just like in any other language, and  that boycotting Habima isn’t just pointless- But is downright harmful, just be prepared to take action too. I’ll be online Monday and Tuesday nights from 19:30 PM, ready to receive and spread reports from the shows.
Help me tweet, post and share to support actors and crew of the Hebrew play, as well as the Globe theater for making the right choice. Share the photo in this post or make a different one – just show some love…