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MUCH HAS BEEN written about the conflict in the Middle East but few people really understand the complexities of the situation.
There  is not one simple answer but somehow, in the world of politics and propaganda, simplifying is the name of the game.

In advertising, this is called the USPUnique Selling Proposition.
Advertisers understand that if you want to change a significant number of peoples’ behaviors fast, you should focus on one single USP, repeating it over, and over, and again, and again. It has to be short and catchy and it should be emotional.

Tagging Israel as an “apartheid state” is just such a USP that disregards the difference between the South African native population and the Palestinian population.
South Africa, under apartheid rule, was a country that was ruled by a minority to the detriment of the majority of its citizens.

The state of Israel is a democracy that is ruled by the majority of its citizens including the 1.6 million Israeli Arabs who enjoy full democratic rights.
Palestinians living in Gaza might want their plight to be seen as a result of Israel’s existence but it is in fact autonomous and self-ruled and therefore, logically, there is no sign of apartheid here either.
That leaves the Occupied Territories that are not legally a part of Israel but are under Israeli government.
It is 100% true that the Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories do not enjoy the civil rights that their brothers enjoy in Israel or in Gaza since they are neither Israelis nor are they Gazans.
These people are living on land that is disputed and for which no agreement has yet been reached between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Of course, none the above can help the Palestinians to gain supporters to help their cause. Too much information, too complicated, too tiresome.

In advertising, this is called the USP

It is much easier to show pictures of hurt/dead babies (many of which are fake) or by calling for a boycott on Israel.
This is a simplistic message that is easily understood and easy to take to heart and this is the message that is calling for supporters of Palestine to bully artists and cultural figures out of performing for Israeli audiences.

The calls to boycott continue, supported by some genuine activists and a lot more gullible and naïve human rights supporters who get sucked in by a simplistic call to act without a good understanding of the complexities involved.

You want to unleash your power as a human rights activist?
Go ahead and do so. But before you do, get informed and distrust easy answers and solutions because this conflict is anything but easy.
Because if you don’t you might find yourself to be a Pawn in the grand scheme of the Palestinians who want to destroy the State of Israel not live alongside it.




In the age of Internet and social networks, it’s really easy to connect to your “inner activist”.
once you find your ’cause’ you will pretty much do anything to push it to the center of attention – And you have all the tools you’ll need to do so effectively and for zero money.
Now, let’s say your cause is ‘the people of Gaza‘, and recently things got hot again between Gaza and South Israel, rockets are being fired and military actions are taking place.
obviously now will be the right time to promote your cause. obviously…
but will you consider using a dead Syrian kid photo just to get the focus you need?

Some will.
Abo Kazem Saad, a Gazan FB user posted this photo a few days ago, followed with a difficult, human and honest text about the people of Gaza. Naturally the photo got hundreds of shares.
Thing is, the dead kid has nothing to do with Gaza.

A brief research will easily show that the photo was taken in Syria, the two year-old kid was killed by the Syrian armed forces and has apparently never been to Gaza.


My thought: If you need to lie about your cause to get attention, there may be a problem- Either with you or with the definition of your cause…

Remember Khulood Badawi and her FAKE wounded-Gaza-child affair?
A brief reminder; a UN employee used her twitter account to published a photo of a dying child in her fathers hands and falsely claim that the child was killed by Israel.
She tweeted: “Palestine is bleeding. Another child killed by Israel… Another father carrying his child to a grave in Gaza”


After the irreparable damage to Israel’s reputation was done, it was found out that the picture was not only an old one published by Reuters in 2006, but also that the child was killed in an accident that was unrelated to Israel in any way, shape or form.

It took over seven months for the UN to complete an investigation which is very simple and obvious: Badawi, who has anti-Israel attitudes, had abused her power as a UN officer in order to tarnish Israel’s name.

According to the Jerusalem Post  “Findings not yet released after completion of investigation”.
In my opinion, there is no place for an individual who publishes false photos that can lead to violence in an organization that is meant to protect the world from violence.

How much longer will it take for the UN to admit and condemn such  racist behavior??


The internet is a lot like the ocean- An ocean full of ideas, memes, texts and visuals. Every once in a while a very old piece of something resurfaces, and is washed to the shore and gets shared, retweeted and discussed over and over again. I find this phenomenon highly interesting, however, its major negative side effect is people publishing old stuff as new and link unlinked issues together. When done out of political context this may be considered an error, however  when done in one- I can only assume someone, somewhere, started it in purpose. Such are the recent photos allegedly documenting violent results of IDF air strikes in Gaza inthe last couple of days. Sadly enough, these photos are all old stuff, dated 2009 and older.  This photo, frantically distributed on twitter, was claimed to show a little girl injured in March 10th air strike – Was first published in 2006 and shows a girl who was injured falling off a swing – As the Reuters caption (which was corrected) depicts.   And I have to wonder – Why use old footage and falsely claim it’s current? Why lying to your followers about what’s actually happening right now? Anyone who uses these materials instantly loses credibilty – Help me by sharing,  tweeting and letting  everyone know they’ve been building their cases over lies, created by either themselves or people they follow.