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A bombastic title? Check!
A shockingly bloody photo? Check!
A reliable source? wait, what? What for…?

If you went through your twitter feed in the last hour, you may have bumped into a fair share of re tweets to a heart breaking twit, linking to a rough photo, supposedly showing an innocent Palestinian teenager who was brutally murdered by a Zionist soldier.

Skeptical as ever, I immediately turned to search for journalistic sources to the story. I didn’t find any. What (or whom) I did find find is who I believe is patient zero of the photo on twitter, Mr. Joseph Dana. Dana is a  journalist for Le Mond, the National, GQ Germany and other magazines, and doubtlessly a very vocal pro Palestinian, anti Zionist activist.

Mr. Dana made sure to rephrase the original tweet and have others repeat it, so in one version the boy was 18 and and in another- 14, certainly a thorough journalistic work. He twitted this violent photo over and over again, and many tweeters  mindlessly re tweeted it without bothering to ask questions.

Where did you take the photo from, Mr. Dana? What is the source to the footage dozens of tweeters now replicate?
I couldn’t find any source to this photo, nor a clear answer to questions posed to Mr. Dana by a follower.

This is how the Anti Israeli propaganda machine works- A system that spreads lies quickly, efficiently and without ever bothering to check for proof. Can anyone prove me wrong?