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During  the last month London has been hosting the Shakespeare Festival, where Shakespeare is being reenacted in 37 different languages including rap and sign language 🙂 and of course Palestinian Arabic.

I brought the subject up a while ago, after BDS activists have called to ban Habima, Israel’s national theater,  from the Festival and failed. The bottom line of the answer they received from the Globe was simple-  We separate the arts from politics.

Habima shows at the festival are due this week- Monday and Tuesday nights. From what I’m hearing (they’re not exactly being secretive about it…) BDS activists are planning on interrupting  Habima shows in any way the can.
 Unfortunately,  me and fellow Pro Israel activists can’t be there by body, but we sure will support Habima actors by soul, and of course spread our digital love! Others are already campaigning big time to celebrate the #BDSfail  Culture and art #win. This is the source!
If you agree with me that Shakespeare should be played in Hebrew just like in any other language, and  that boycotting Habima isn’t just pointless- But is downright harmful, just be prepared to take action too. I’ll be online Monday and Tuesday nights from 19:30 PM, ready to receive and spread reports from the shows.
Help me tweet, post and share to support actors and crew of the Hebrew play, as well as the Globe theater for making the right choice. Share the photo in this post or make a different one – just show some love…