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The last 7 days in Israel have been hell on earth.
I don’t think any of you can judge or imagine what it’s like living here;

  • Repeated sirens
  • Home Front Command instructions to remain  in protected areas
  • Hamas’s takeover attempts of television broadcasts and their distribution of Horror Videos
  • All TV programs cancelled and only the news is on
  • Everyday cultural events cancelled along with almost empty streets

Today around 12 PM a massive explosion was heard in the streets of Tel Aviv, my city.
explosive charge was placed on a bus and exploded after the terrorist managed to escape.
Yes, Dozens of people are killed in Gaza as well. It’s true. It doesn’t mean that me, my family, my friends and my neighbors are now  free to be murdered.
Not a person in the world could or should live like this.
World, help us – STOP THE TERROR!


Judging is easy when you’re not under attack.




Can you imagine having Thirteen percent of your country’s people under constant fire?
You can’t.

I’ve written in the past of the method of so called objective, yet dramatic and even grotesque, tweets  reporting from Gaza and the west bank about killed citizens, almost always children, which soon turn out to be entirely made up, make use of old and even fake footage etc.

But apparently the BDSers don’t mind making fools out of themselves for the 1000th time. So here’s a new evolution of a piece of news for you, fresh from this week. Other sources who publishedthis first include Honest Reporting and Elder of Zion.
1.The media reports brief incident in the south of Israel- A military action of IDF vs. the shooting of missiles at israeli settlements and cities through the southern border

2. Palestinian sources report casualties on their side, among them a 2 year old girl. Was anyone going to check the integrity of this report? No, not really.

3. This is the cue for a festival of heart breaking tweets from the regular BDS bunch, some of which are people who don’t live in Gaza or Israel, never been there (and not planning to – There’s non-stop bombing OMG!), who’s only feed for news is world and local media. The tweets not only replicate the “news”‘ but also call for immediate boycott of Israel. So far nothing new.

4. After further check, it is announced that surprisingly enough- the little girl was actually killed by a missile shot unsuccessfully by Palestinian terrorists at the israeli side. OOPS!

The BBC posted a correction:

So when are the BDS bunch gonna stop making (extremely sad) jokes of themselves? Possibly,  never.

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Why is there a saparate GMJ ORG for North America?

A friend linked me to a blog that writes about GMJ North America, and claims that they had to open a saparate organization- because some of the groups participating in the original GMJ are proscribed terrorist groups that are illegal in the United States:

“Revealingly, the following statement appears in the FAQ section of the websiteof the American chapter of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ-NA):

“Q: Why is there a separate GMJ-NA organization?

A: Because of the laws governing citizens of the U.S. and Canada, legal advisers in these countries have determined that it is better for them to operate separately and not to participate in the decision-making of the international movement, but rather as an autonomous coalition. This is because some of the groups in the international coalition are subject to legal reprisals in these countries, and there is some risk that any joint decision-making might place citizens of those countries in legal jeopardy.

In other words, the leaders of GMJ-NA are very much aware of the march’s links to proscribed terrorist groups, and yet its endorsers include a rather predictable list of organisations and US and other nationals, including a UN employee and a former British MP.

(Find source and full text here)

Is this dangerous? could you be facing a legal problem if you support or attend  GMJ? I don’t know which organizations these may be, but If you’re planning to participate you should inquire and check who, exactly, you’ll be supporting.

E-mail the GMJ- North America people and inquire about this, let me know if they come up with a reasonable answer!